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“Anthony has experienced and worked on higher levels of consciousness for his lifetime and more specifically the past 13 years, Anthony’s experience is one of a growing number of celebrated cases, like that of Ze’ev Kolman the Israeli energy healer, whereunusual abilities developed following “higher dimensional” contact.  Anthony’s transformation has been described as follows”…

After spending his life building a profession as a master tailor,  his whole world took a stunning turn when he was contacted by the inter-dimensional group often referred to as the Council of Twelve. It’s not the stuff of science fiction, honest. As we are Soul Beings that inhabit a human body, our souls know quite well that we share this Universe with many life forms and expressions.

As humanity makes (the ongoing) shift in  consciousness toward realizing its proper  and balanced place within the Universe commonwealth, these encounters with ‘alien’ beings will become common place. In fact, they happen so often already that as we open our minds and hearts – shift our consciousness – we will create space for others to come forward and share their experience without fear of reproach or worse as has all too often been the case for the past millennium here on planet Earth

Anthony, however, is one of those Beings who can take it (rejection from the mainstream)  and he really doesn’t care what you think. The generosity of his heart can be felt in the blades of truth he imparts and if he wants us to get just one thing, it is that we are Sovereign Beings, not slaves. Our addiction to this world and its presumed comforts are quickly coming to an end and there is a new beginning unfolding at the same time. His lifelong empathic sensitivity has been enhanced in his recent transformation and consequent spiritual integration.”

An Empath….

Operates differently than a Psychic does. Empathic ability is an ability to connect to the feeling, the emotion of whoever we are interacting with. This may come through auditory, visual, sensory, energetic transmissions or as a download. We all receive this information differently, it is the learning to trust what you get that can be the greatest challenge. An empath feels truth from whence it came no matter how is may shoe up. The picture, the feel of who you are and the energetic forces operating in your life are there to be seen. It is a flow that starts often with just an email or the mention of your name by a friend or acquaintance. Much is gleamed and often only what is required for you to deal with at that particular juncture in your life.

My talents are suitable for children, troubled teens and adolescents as well who may be stuck at a difficult place in their life, and acting out in what serves no one. I can see where and how this came to be, and what is holding them back, so that it can be dealt with in real life practical ways.”

Older Interviews and References

There may be some who remember that “Seer en me” began as “” about 2009/10 with many posted writings and If I recall a  total of  9 or 10 interviews between 2010 ane 2015 that may still be available on the web, some of them were…

2 with Alfred Webre and “Exopolitics”

2 with “Alchemy of Light”

1 with the “MZ Mugzzi Show”

I did have recordings of all these and  yet due to data loss, drive loss and/or corruption I am without copies of them. The 3 links which follow may possible still work and yet in short, … the information is out there for  anyone who wants to hear it….

January of 2014, BBS Radio 

March of 2014  BBS Radio

October  of 2014  BBS Radio