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Empathic Guide

I am called :Anthony
A particular type of empathe with ability to see the truth of you, your life, the character, the shape and substance no matter what you may say or do.

Beyond all things know this; that we are divine spirit in this living body temple with sovereign capacity, unparalleled ability and infinite electromagnetism; which is our force of life, to do any and all as long as we do no harm.

Yet most tend to do harm to self on a regular fulfillment basis, consistently continuing the inner private onslaught in such a profound and demeaning way that most are not even aware of the binding spell that is constantly cast over their being by self. 
I am here to assist…
 :As Always ,,, :A:

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"Anthony, you are strong medicine.... "Although the work required of me has not always been easy your guidance over the years has brought clarity at times that I had none and a deeper, more loving relationship with myself than I ever thought possible. While there are more parts to discover and lessons to learn I now walk through this experience anchored in compassion and love for myself rather than desperately grasping for outside love and approval. Each day is magic. Thank you."
"Providing real-world approaches..." A reading with Anthony is truly an incredible experience. Anthony provides a level of insight and intuitiveness I’ve rarely experienced in other readers. I use the insights he’s given me daily. He is especially helpful in providing real-world approaches to developing understanding and personal sovereignty. I highly recommend a reading with Anthony to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and the world we are living in today.
"We did every known therapy..." I spent over 20 years in despair, looking for help for my deaf son who was full of rage, destructive, abusive, suicidal, and downright unteachable. We did every known therapy from psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, art therapist, sand therapist, spiritual healers and so on but NO ONE could do anything. Anthony is the only one who has managed to get through to him and this is a MIRACLE!!! My son has changed so dramatically, like night and day! This is for those who want real results!!!
In your stillness stretch your internal reach, your sense of knowing expands, this gives comfort to angst and uncertainty releasing the ache within, then recall, for it is really you speaking your truth to you…
An overview of what is going on with you, your life, the influences of your history, the gifts you brought into this life and those you are using to bind you. The conditions in your world, your health, your relationships and your means for effectively adjusting them so that you remain strong, sustained and empowered.
Exchange for Services

Lets talk and discover why you are in a holding pattern, what state of thought and action you use to remain immobile.


This can be a heavy clearing truth session,-, depending on you, max time 90 mins, more can become overload.


A full session & followup 3-4 weeks after. Acheive anchoring into your clearer state of being and overview.


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