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To know the truth of another life regardless of what they may say or do is truly a gift and a responsibility. With such ability I am able to walk you through your inertia,  stretch your internal reach, as your sense of knowing is expanded this will assist with comforting many ills and releasing the ache within, which often is really just about you speaking your truth to you…

About Seer en me

Hello, I am called Anthony… a man with an ability to connect to the feeling, the emotion and the truth of whoever I am interacting with. A picture is formed and a feeling of who you are and the energetic forces operating in your life are literally there to be seen. This allows me to walk you through what is in your way because I can see and feel it. I do not require the story you have been telling for however long, I only ask that you be present and willing to allow true transition for this may not be easy. 


The Experience...


Anthony, you are strong medicine.

Although the work required of me has not always been easy your guidance over the years has brought clarity at times that I had none and a deeper, more loving relationship with myself than I ever thought possible. While there are more parts to discover and lessons to learn I now walk through this experience anchored in compassion and love for myself rather than desperately grasping for outside love and approval. Each day is magic. 
Thank you.
Andrew                                            June 2017

"The opportunity to clear and heal."

Very direct, very compassionate, very helpful. Core issues revealed, core patterns, and with Anthony’s assistance the opportunity to clear and heal. For me continuing, and I think importantly, that commitment to ourselves. I have 3 photos of myself age 5-8 on my work-desk and I take moments in the day to connect with myself “then”: that ongoing commitment for me important. So not just a “reading”; an ongoing opportunity to clear core patterns emotionally. 

Very gifted, a true empath is Anthony.
Jeffrey                                  June 2017

"Anchored on the path of well being..."

“Since we met, I definitely feel that I have my sense of personal power back and I feel that I’m now anchored on the path of wellbeing. I’ve been making some healthy lifestyle changes and every day I feel more and more at peace as I continue to work thru my anger with the affirmations you gave me. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and thank you very much for your kind, loving support. It might sound silly to say, but I feel like you saved my life. I appreciate you.”

God bless you, JAB

"Providing real-world approaches..."

A reading with Anthony is truly an incredible experience. Anthony provides a level of insight and intuitiveness I’ve rarely experienced in other readers. I use the insights he’s given me daily. He is especially helpful in providing real-world approaches to developing understanding and personal sovereignty. I highly recommend a reading with Anthony to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and the world we are living in today.


"We did every know therapy..."

I spent over 20 years in despair, looking for help for my deaf son who was full of rage, destructive, abusive, suicidal, and downright unteachable. We did every known therapy from psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, art therapist, sand therapist, spiritual healers and so on but NO ONE could do anything. Anthony is the only one who has managed to get through to him and this is a MIRACLE!!! My son has changed so dramatically, like night and day! This is for those who want real results!!!

FL Schneider British Colombia, Canada

"Quite a challenging reading..."

How are you doing? Back in January you did a reading for me. This was quite a challenging reading as you said more or less that what I was doing at the time was not in line with my path. So it was not an easy time for me afterwards, but again it was probably what I needed and it did push me to make a decision. As such, I wanted you to know that we will be returning back to the Netherlands ‘back to life, back to reality…’ and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your words and time.

With love and light,

"He is not a psychic..."

I would like to highly recommend one of Julian’s associates, Anthony who is a great healer. He can definitely assist you with getting rid of issues stuck in your emotional body. I used him and have used the services of many gifted healers in the past along with working on myself. And, he helped me to identify and heal some not needed patterns in my adult life that came from my childhood. He is not a psychic but he tunes into the essence of who you are very accurately. Many thanks to Julian for mentioning him.”



Are you seeking an overview of what is going on with you, your life, the influences of your history, the things you brought into this life and those that you are using to bind you. Do you seek the answers to why there are certain conditions afoot in your world, your health, your relationships and a means for effectively adjusting them so that you remain strong, sustained and empowered? Then this is for you.

Over the years I have found that an initial session with a followup is really required for anchoring  and to prevent one from getting stuck as you move through the maze of awareness and release. The process is completely and fully in the present moment, not in the future and not in the past, therefore you must be present, willing and engaged.

There are 4 different sessions available for you…

Introductory Session

30 Minute preview $60.00

This allows you to get a feel for what a full session may be like for you, to sense the exchange that happens during the process. You may have some questions answered and/or info revealed while becoming aware of the possible road that is being laid out before you.

Traditional 90 Minute Session

Full 90 Minute Session $175.00

The traditional 90 minute session can be a real peeling of your onion. Much may come up making it highly emotional and personal. It is important that this session be anchor and it is best done between30 to 45 days after. This is why I offer the Two Session package.

Full 90 Minute Session with a 60 Minute followup 30 days later

Two Sessions, 90 Minutes; 60 Minutes $280.00

In these two sessions your will gleam your starting place and the “conditions” of the things that have shaped you without your awareness. Once this is genuinely seen as it truly is  then those “conditions can be dealt with from a stance of truth, trust and freedom from the ties that have bond you… the illusion. Now new action and being can be rooted, implemented. Two sessions anchor your movement. Much will rise up over the first 30 days so the second helps you clear the manner in which you tend to process and re-act to these critical investments of your energetics.

Full 90 minute session with two (2) 60 minute followups

Three Sessions 90 Minutes 60/60 Minutes $375.00

For those who are ready, willing and active as we go through the complete three stages of recalculating, you will see the truth of you and all in your world.

This is rooting out and making stable, In these three sessions you began to solidly anchor and move away those automatic patterns that are not in line with your path to personal well-being and autonomy while engaging your own playbook of miracles.

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